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Aug. 27th, 2011

mummy animated lets call it a day

Just a quick one to say...

hope everyone who has been or will be effected by the hurricane in America is ok.

Aug. 26th, 2011

yarn core

argh knitting!

1 row from end of first half of bag - sit on knitting.

stitches fall off.

that is all
northanger abbey dismounting


Doesn`t it take a long time for photos to upload to Facebook?

Finally clearing my camera after ages - hoping to get photos from my visit to V&A up as well - will have to check my Photobucket account is still going.

Still working my way through 1980s Pride and Prejudice - the script is rather good.

Aug. 25th, 2011

marie antoinette you`ll see

It has been a while...

Well you`ve probably forgotten me by now - I haven`t been on for months.

I hoped to set up a proper blog but it never came about and now I realise I need to have some sort of a blog going to get there I have returned here.

It may push me to craft more!

I continue to knit - am trialling a pattern for drawstring bags at the moment and also hope to get into quilting soon - I have a Moda charm pack sat next to me as we speak!

I also have to the 1980s version of Pride and Prejudice on the dvd player - been meaning to watch it for some time and enjoying it so far.

Oct. 3rd, 2010

marie antoinette you`ll see


Just to let people know who are on my friends list.

As you`ve probably noticed, I dont post on here anymore.

However, please dont think I dont read your entries, I try to read through my friends page at least weekly.

One day I would like to keep an update blog but its not possible or practical at the moment.

But please dont delete me because I`m still here!

Dec. 23rd, 2009

dr who giggling animated

Merry Christmas!

I know its a bit early and theres a good chance I`ll get on tomorrow but I also know I may not and a lot of you wont be on again so...

Merry Christmas! Have the most of wonderful of days with your loved ones, whoever they are.

I hope its everything you hope it to be


Dec. 21st, 2009

coco mademoiselle keira bowler hat


I have never seen so much snow here before! I woke up, glanced out the window and the window was covered in snow which was confusing. Got a few blurred pics then once I was ready, struggled through the snow to work. I live amongst old houses, so was beautiful to see them covered in snow and the church at the end of the road too. The snow was still coming down during the morning but seems to have stopped this afternoon.
We were allowed to leave early and just walking home was terribly slippy. Already getting much colder and expecting more snow overnight. My plan is a Lush bath, pjs, watch Willow and wrap more Christmas presents. Sounds a good night!

Dec. 19th, 2009

marie antoinette you`ll see


Christmas week! Isnt it wonderful. Its snowing on and off here, which is unusual. Ive finished my shopping, just waiting for some of it to arrive still. Got a few more days at work but everyone is in the Christmas mood

Dec. 17th, 2009

finding nemo dorey really

good news...

Christmas next week!!

Dec. 2nd, 2009

marie antoinette you`ll see


I am ill. I dont like being ill. I cant even keep soup down. Blegh. But on the bright side, at least its this week and not next week. Hopefully I`ll be freshfaced and rosy by next week

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